My HOLITEC Cyprus experiences

On this page i will share my experiences with Holitec Cyprus. Do they have a good customer-support? Do you get the broadband internet speed you pay for? Do they reply fast to have a happy customer?

If you’re living i a rural area in Cyprus like Paphos, Latchi, Polis, Peristerona, Podomi, and want to have internet, you need to choose the best internet broadband provider to have a good connection. Different providers offering their services in Cyprus. But who is good, and who is worse? I will let you know, soon!

Holitec Daily Speed-Test

I will publish a speed test to the major hosts in Europe. Do you get the broadband speed you pay for? We will find out, and have several PING and TRACEROUTE tests, to see, which connection is fast and/or slow.

Who is the customer support?

How long does it take an email get answered? Or maybe you will receive no answer at all? Everybody should share his experience. If you have experiences with Broadband-Internet Provider iN Cyprus, just leave a comment and share with thousand of other peoples wordwide.

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