HOLITEC Cyprus – Reviews

On this page you’ll find all reviews about HOLITEC in Cyprus. I will share my own private experiece and observation. What is about the customer service? What you can read in other forums around Cyprus about Holitec?

I will show you a nice web-clipping and try also to explain you, how you can determine your real broadband internet speed. It is necassary to determine the real speed, so that you know, if you get what you pay for. Especially i will publish some speed tests to oversea hosts from Holitec to hosts in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Holitec Paphos and Polis

Customer support is one of the most important things: What are your experiences with the Holitec support? Share your opinion in the comments area. Write your own review about Holitec and let other people know it.

Broadband Internet

We will discuss more in deep, what a good broadband connection is about. Which kind of connection you need? What kind of router or network cable. See, how you can improve your internet speed using other servcies or completly changing your provider. Because often you’re not able to do anything. Only solution to get a better connection is to change your broadband provider.

Read more about the Holitec Cyprus experience in this blog, or visit other sites:

Holitec Cyprus

Paphos Polis and Podomi

We will discuss coverage of those areas in the future. Stay tuned.

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